Snow motivation

February 15, 2010

There is nothing like being cold, uncomfortable, confined and unmotivated.  On a snowy day there is nothing like a good nap.  OR, you could take this opportunity to refresh your palette, try a new medium or applicator, or just go to your easel and “do it!”  This spare time those of us who are living in the “snow belt” are experiencing now is the perfect time to get some new pieces ready for spring.  Create your own living color show and get ready for the people chomping at the bit to get out and purchase some art!

Cover Girl

December 2, 2009

Finally, a picture of me will be on a magazine cover instead of one of my paintings….not that I have minded one bit! All About Women will be featuring me in their January issue and the photographer just left, so keep an eye peeled…..

Artists need a plan too!

November 11, 2009

One of the biggest misconceptions about creating a career as an artist is that you can just amble through the days and maybe stumble on something that will carry you for a week or two and that is just not the way to go.  Just like any other profession you need to grab the bull by the horns and sit down to make a plan.  Then follow it no matter how depressed you might be and it will surprise you how things will start to fall into place just like you wanted it to.

2008 North Carolina Wildlife Calendar month of June

January 18, 2008

My dog Zack

January 18, 2008

New River - The Way It Is.

This painting was luckily sold even before I finished it. Yippee!!!