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Being an Artist

January 27, 2012

…..means that you have no control over your need to create….to express… delve in and truly feel…to expose your emotions to the universe, without knowing how you will be received.

What is healthy mind?

January 27, 2012

A compassionate mind.

Dalai Lama

Winter Musings

January 25, 2012

Strange, as there is not much winter to muse about.  Perhaps the focus should be more on the consistency of living.  The seasons are around us, but not in us.  Perhaps the Appalachian winters have been so brutal the last few years that we have a reprieve.  That would be nice.  After all, what giddiness prevails when we are walking on a sunny, balmy January afternoon enjoying the weather and getting in some excercise and fresh air as well?  The birds were even singing this morning.  On the day my daughter was born twenty-seven years ago it had been snowing for a week and no immediate relief was forecast.  Ahhhhhh, today is a good day.

Merging of art and soul

January 8, 2012

We are now filming our first episode of the “Art and Soul Network”, which is a program about creativity of the mind, body and soul!

Our website will be coming soon where you will be able to view video and order art instruction DVDs!!!  …..All meant for fun and learning!